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Welcome To European Veterans Fencing

Caryl Oliver

The main purpose of European Veterans Fencing is to facilitate the development of competitive veterans fencing in Europe. All European fencers, men and women, of age 40 years and above, regardless of experience and ability, are very welcome to join us via their national federation or veterans association.

From its tentative beginning in 1991 the European Veterans Fencing movement has gone from strength to strength. European Team Championships are held in even numbered years and individual Championships in odd numbered years. These championships, though hotly contested, are always conducted in the spirit of fair-play and comradeship. Many participants are delighted to rediscover old friendships and make new acquaintances during the events.

Veterans Fencing in Europe is recognised by the European Fencing Confederation (EFC/CFE) and a Veterans Commission within the EFC has been formed. There are opportunities for veteran fencers to compete throughout Europe throughout the year at regional and national competitions.

Following the success of Veterans Fencing in Europe it has now spread worldwide with FIE World Veterans Fencing Championships being held every year and the standard of fencing becoming higher and more contested.

The success of our Veterans movement demonstrates Fencing's "Sport for Life" ethic and the very positive outcomes this has for older athletes.

Caryl Oliver, President, European Veterans Fencing<

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We are Fencers - We are Veterans - We are Europeans- We are Friends

Laki Dobridis, President EVFC (1991 - 2007)

Why do people join veterans fencing organisations? Everyone remarks on the spirit and the atmosphere at the competitions. This comes from our having a common love of fencing and interest in the skill of the sport. Veterans have usually given up the regular competitive circuit but the fencing brain is still there and is as sharp as ever.

Do take the time to apply for membership. There is nothing to lose and a great deal to gain.

Henry de Silva, Chairman EVFC (1991 - 2007)

"Life begins at 40, 50, 60, 70 and 80 for Veteran Fencers"

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